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    Biocidal preparation of Lubisan-Eco

In the conditions of an intensification of growth of animal industry and poultry farming the highest economic benefit gives creation of the large-scale enterprises, i.e. the enterprises assuming cultivation over one million goals of a bird, 200 and more thousand pigs, to 20 thousand goals КРС. Daily work of the similar enterprise is a difficult system, harmonious which actions depend on set of set of factors. One of the major factors is competent planning and carrying out of disinfection and sanitation of premises, and also a complex иммунопрофилактических and therapeutic actions. This, and without that a hard problem, becomes complicated frequent use for the maintenance of a livestock enough the limited areas. Accumulation in premises of pathogenic microflora, both virus, and bacterial becomes result of reconsolidation of a livestock that, in turn essentially weakens immune system of a livestock.

Frequent change of schemes of vaccination, biological products, use of the vaccines made on the basis of alternativeштаммов, and also полиштаммных vaccines - actions inevitable in modern conditions, in view of regular occurrence of new kinds of diseases, don't pass "unpunished" and lead to repeated increase in species of microorganisms "living" in economy. On a vaccinal background of disease proceed in latent, subclinical, and also associated forms that essentially complicates diagnostics, preventive maintenance and treatment of diseases. The immunosuppressive condition caused by set of the above-stated factors - "fertile soil" for distribution of virus diseases of a respiratory and gastroenteric path, diseases of the oporno-impellent device (so-called  «hoofed animals rot»), and also stratifications various seconds

Infections (колибактериоз and so forth) All it leads to death rate substantial increase, efficiency decrease, leveling of efficiency of preventive actions, up to break of vaccinal immunity, before the vaccinated animals and birds. Taking into account the aforesaid, carrying out of actions of the disinfection guaranteeing influence on all stages эпизоотического of process, environment disinfecting, the competent scheme of preventive maintenance of infectious diseases of a livestock – here priorities of any cattle-breeding and poultry-farming enterprise aspiring to minimization of losses and increase of profit. With all problems set forth above the universal disinfectant of Lubisan-Eco - a biocidal preparation, in which basis natural minerals and vegetable oils effectively consults. Lubisan-Eco possesses an extensive spectrum of influence on activators of bacterial, virus infections, the diseases caused by fungi and elementary, possesses ранозаживляющими properties, doesn't cause effect of accustoming in microflora. Lubisan-Eco it is effective in struggle against larvae of flies that allows to refuse use of others репелентных means. Lubisan-Eco unique means for carrying out of preventive disinfection and sanitation of premises and the equipment in poultry-farming, cattle-breeding economy, nurseries and fur farms; premises and the equipment in circuses and zoos; transport for transportation of animals; sanitary-lethal points; carrying out of disinfection of the objects set forth above in case of occurrence of infectious diseases (гемофилез, аспергиллез, a salmonellosis, пастереллез, стрептококкоз, стафилококкоз, колибактериоз, pseudo-monoses, парвовирусные, ротавирусные энтеровирусные, коронавирусные infections). Can be applied to disinfection and санирования platforms of storage ТБО, garbage containers, refuse chutes.

Lubisan-Eco it is absolutely safe for people and animals. From "classical" disinfectants in Lubisan-Eco contains only Hloramin, in the concentration which are not exceeding its maintenance in potable water. For this reason it can be applied even to sanitation of children's playgrounds and sandboxes. Structure Lubisan-Eco includes natural minerals and vegetable oils. At its use aren't formed "a not harmless" waste. Result of carefully worked interaction of minerals, salts and essence, powerful influence on process of reproduction of flies, fungi and гельминтов, and also pathogenic viruses and bacteria in which result their cycle of development completely stops is. Lubisan-Eco possesses high adsorbing ability, thanks to natural minerals containing in its structure, as a result from premises of processed Lubisan-Eco ammonia leaves, and also the excessive moisture, air is deodorized. As the means deleting ammonia, Ljubisan ЭКО can be nitric fertilizer, which перепахиватся together with manure. Lubisan-Eco it is extremely simple in application, its application doesn't need the special equipment, attraction of the expert or training also isn't required, premise processing is made according to the instruction. Processing is spent in the presence of animals that essentially reduces expenditures of labor accompanying sanitation of premises.

Summing up to the story about a preparation of Lubisan-Eco, it is necessary to pay attention to economic benefit of its application. Applying Lubisan-Eco, the economy has an opportunity to lower expenses on ветобслуживание and purchase of vaccines and antibiotics on 80 %, necessity to bear an expense for struggle against flies vanishes, the quantity of forages is reduced as a result of elimination not favorable factors of the maintenance, at the expense of reduction of illnesses the quantity of additional weights grows.

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  Любисан-ЭКО ® - это современное биоцидное дезинфицирующее средство с универсальными возможностями в области ветеринарии и санитарии.

Рецептура разработана на основе 40 летнего опыта практической и экспериментальной ветеринарии и санитарии в Европейском Союзе. Производится в соответствии с Директивой Европейского союза № ЕС88/379/CEE в Польше, Германии, Турции, Белоруссии, России, Украине, Казахстане. Применение препарата ЛЮБИСАН - ЭКО ® дает высокий экономический эффект.
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